Zuko And Ty Lee


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This page is comprised of Ty Lee 's relationships with other characters in the Avatar World . Due to her friendly, outgoing personality, she easily formed friendships. However, being a citizen of the Fire Nation , she made easy enemies with allies of the Avatar .

Ah, my first attempt at a Zuko x Ty Lee fic. My first tastes of Avatar fanfics were always towards Toko, but after reading a few Ty Luko fics, it has captured my mind, and so I decided to write this. Took me forever to get it started, but it turned out being fun to write, just what I needed to get past my writers' block. This one is almost entirely Ty Lee's perspective, with Zuko only appearing towards the end. He will be the main POV in the next installments, so don't question why it is titled the way it is. That said, enjoy the Zuko x Ty Lee sweetness.

I've had this bouncing around in my head for a while now, finally got around to writing it. I got the idea for this from watching this video on YouTube (www. youtube. com/watch?vWHdPFcSJ75Y – take out the spaces) Go watch it, it rocks. Anyway this is basically about Ty Lee having a crush on Zuko when they were kids, showing little snippets set before Ursa was banished and all that. Not so happy with some parts of it, but meh. Lyrics from the chorus of the song I'd Lie by Taylor Swift. First drabbly/songfic thing ever so please review.

  • Zuko And Ty Lee
  • Zuko And Ty Lee
  • Zuko And Ty Lee
  • Zuko And Ty Lee
  • Zuko And Ty Lee
  • Zuko And Ty Lee
  • Zuko And Ty Lee
  • Zuko And Ty Lee
  • Zuko And Ty Lee
  • Zuko And Ty Lee
  • Zuko And Ty Lee